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「Dried Fruit Water (infusion pack) 」 -- Freshly Drink 4
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Taiwan is located in subtropical region and has geographic advantages. Variety of fruits throughout the year, which can be called the "Fruit Kingdom". Pineapple, carambola, guava, and mango were even selected as the Olympic recommended fruit. 

In order to implement the sustainable development of the enterprise and promote the healthy life style of the society, Zhen Guo Yin uses Taiwanese characteristic fruits and collaborates with local farmers, spend two years to develop "Dried Fruit Water (infusion pack) which made by low-temperature baking. Four flavors of dried fruit are based on the preferences of consumers at the market stalls, including dragon fruit, carambola, pineapple, and guava.  No sugar or artificial preservatives are added, you can supplement vitamin C while hydrating, Freshly drink and Safely eat. 

People strive for efficiency and live a fast-paced life in fast economy and forget to take care ourselves frequently.

From today, give you the time of a cup of water!

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