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Zhen Guo Yin’s Three Principles:
1. Made in Taiwan
2. Guaranteed food hygiene
3. High-quality services We will bring the trend-setting tapioca pearls to the world.

~~ About Us ~~

Professional production •Professional certification

To achieve the highest quality is our principle. We set up a factory with professional equipments to produce food with guaranteed hygiene and traditional flavor which has been granted by Halal Certification / HACCP / ISO22000…..

Global marketing • Innovative R&D

Zhen Guo Yin’s business has expanded from domestic to overseas markets. We have experienced sales team which understands relevant regulations in various countries. To become the world-wide pioneer of the industry, we are constantly developing and innovating ourselves in accordance with global market trends.

Full services • Efficiency

Based on the extensive experiences in food production and export, we can provide the highest-quality OEM and ODM services entrusted by customers, covering full service scope from R&D, design, production, procurement, inspection, customs clearance, and export, etc., to effectively shorten delivery time to reduce the purchasing and logistics costs in all the countries for our customers.

Services: Ingredients Wholesale Supplier,Tapioca Pearls,Instant Tapioca Pearls,Sugar Syrup,Taro Balls ,Potato Balls ,Dried Fruit