Tapioca Pearls3
  • Ready to drink bubble milk tea

    Our canned bubble milk tea satisfy the lazybones’ appetite. The exclusive recipe has excellent proportions, and the calories are reduced. You can have a cup of bubble milk tea at home any time you like!! You just enjoy the taste of Q-bomb and chewy bubble without worrying about the calories breaking the table.

  • Dried Black Tapioca Pearls

    Our Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearl is crystal clear like black diamonds, tastes heavenly with the aroma of brown sugar and chewy texture.

  • White Tapioca Pearls

    Chewy texture, white and translucent, sparkling like rhinestones.

  • Brown Tapioca Pearls

    Using our White Tapioca Pearl fried with rich brown sugar without added food coloring, to present a graceful and luxurious golden color.

  • Instant Tapioca Pearls (infusion pack)

    Enjoy Chewy Tapioca Pearl in just 5 minute.

  • Instant Tapioca Pearls Bag (infusion pack)

    Enjoy Chewy Tapioca Pearl in just 5 minute.