Sugar Syrup3
  • Brown Sugar Syrup

    High-quality Brown Sugar with natural taste.

  • Brown Sugar Syrup- Hand-fried

    Hand-fried high-quality Brown Sugar for hours, exuding a unique burnt and traditional flavor.

  • Brown Sugar Syrup-Red Date & Longan

    High-quality Brown sugar with Red Dates and Dried Longan is a special flavor combo.

  • Brown Sugar Syrup-Ginger

    High-quality Brown Sugar and Ginger is the best warmth in winter.

  • Brown Sugar Syrup-Sticky

    High-quality Brown sugar flow along the edge of cup.
    Pouring the milk illuminate the shock of taste and vision.

  • Brown Sugar Syrup-White Gourd

    High-quality Brown sugar with white gourd is fresh in taste for all year.

  • Thick Milk Caramel Syrup

    Our Thick Milk Caramel Syrup is pure natural and no additives. With the complicated method and time-consuming process, we produce and present our Thick Milk Caramel Syrup a perfect taste., The temperature is precisely controlled during continuously stewing and stirring to make creamy and stringy texture of the syrup. Our Thick Milk Caramel Syrup not only brings you a mellow of milk essence but a deep last flavor.